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powerful images of this day. this is what president barack obama saw as he stepped out on that capitol podium for the last time in his presidency. the president placing his hand on the bible of martin luther king jr., and another bible, the one belonging to president lincoln. and then later on, as the parade was about to begin, the first family, a modern scene here. dad on his blackberry, the girls snapping pictures on their iphones. all day long, abc's david muir has been following this, he was there at the capitol watching history on parade this morning. we begin you with, david. >> reporter: diane, good evening. you're right. we were just a few steps away from the president, with his hand placed on those two bibles. authorities here in washington were estimating 600,000 to 800,000 people would turn out to the national mall to watch this swearing in. but tonight, we just learned from the inaugural committee, just like four years ago, that crowd might have surpassed a million. at the white house, a salute to the president, who was about to be sworn in before the nation. first, that 1.
to move onto day one of president obama's second term. he and the first lady surprised visitors at the white house today. talk about high level tour guides. there they were. no one could believe their eyes. but as we know, yesterday, the president said he has big changes planned for the next four years. the question becomes, exactly what is he going to do? and abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl spent the day trying to find out. >> reporter: after the obamas left the big inaugural ball, they returned to the white house for a star-studded after hours party. celebrities posted photos well after midnight. but today, it's back to reality. president obama's inaugural speech outlined a boldly liberal vision that congressional republicans declared dead on arrival. >> unabashedly far left of center inauguration speech. obviously, it's not designed to bring us together. >> reporter: now that the inauguration is over, what is the president actually going to do? he dedicated more of the speech to climate change than any other one issue. >> we will respond to the threat of c
who twice studied michelle obama, twice dreamed the way she should look, and twice she agreed. >> ladies and gentlemen, my better half, michelle obama. >> reporter: there it was, that red dress, created for the first lady by a 30-year-old named jason wu. he was once just a little boy growing up in taiwan. he was not like the other kids. his family was traditional. his parents understood that geniuses rarely like everyone else. >> i begged my mother to get my a sewing machine. so she got me one for christmas. i think having parents who understood that was a blessing. it is a blessing. because otherwise i probably would have just become a misunderstood child. >> reporter: he was 9 when he moved to canada, learning english by reading fashion magazines, and he must have created baffled looks when his first two words in english were the name of a super model. >> stephanie seymour. >> reporter: and then four years ago, the brand new designer took a chance, he sent a dress to the unusual woman about to become first lady. >> i looked up every single photo of her and i really studied h
. >> for me, this is not just a matter of policy, it's personal. i stood next to president obama as the marines carried those flag-draped caskets off the plane at andrews. i put my arms around the mothers and fathers, the sisters and brothers, the sons and daughters and the wives left alone to raise their children. >> the american people and the families of these four brave americans still have not gotten the answers that they deserve. i hope that they will get them. >> reporter: and the secretary did not hesitate to shoulder the blame. the buck, she said, stopped with her. >> as i have said many times, i take responsibility and nobody is more committed to getting this right. >> reporter: but she insisted she never saw any of the requests for more security in the run-up to the attack. >> they didn't come to me, i didn't approve them, i didn't deny them. >> reporter: that made republican senators pounce. >> had i been president at the time and i found that you did not read the cables from benghazi, you did not read the cables from ambassador stevens, i would have relived you of yo
, president obama hosting the nba champs, including a very proud lebron james. >> i can say something? >> you can if you want. it's your world, man. >> we in the white house right now, this is like -- hey. momma, i made it. >> mom, i made it, he said. in return, the heat offered the president a ten-day contract. miami heat jersey. and a kind of team photo. the 6'1" president dwarfed by the 6'8" james. >>> and the countdown to oscar is on. did you see this last night at the screen actors guild? as jen for lawrence stepped up to receive her best actress award, the worried audience began to murmur that her dress seemed to separate there, but the dress maker, christian dior, said, relax, the dress is made with tiers, designed to separate and show a tulle net. quote, it was not ripped. there was no malfunction. and i think the louisville girl looked great. >>> and what are you and your friends talking about every day? tweet me your thoughts and pictures @dianesawyer. >>> and coming up, why has he been crowned the perfect man? and what about his rival? our own david wright has the 200-year secret o
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)